Most sites have complicated “jargon” to confuse you and upsell you on what you need for a professional looking website.

My goal is to sell you a quality & affordable design. Currently, I have 4 website packages for you to choose from.

Site Updates/Changes

You will be able to easily update basic content of your site, which I will teach you. But if there are large changes or if you don’t like to do your own changes, my rates are charged at R120 per hour.

Photo Editing

Some photos for the web require editing, such as cropping, color grading and file optimization. If any additional future photo’s need to be edited, my rate is also charged at  R120 per hour.

Adding Products

If you have professionally taken photos & descriptions of your products, I can also add the items also for rate of R120 per hour.


This is an absolute must if you have an online store. I can supply a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for your new https:// site for only R100 per month.


The Domain refers to the www.YourCompanyName.co.za website adress.

Hosting is the amount of space you get on the server for your website and emails.

**Please note if you require another domain name eg .com, .org . net. Please contact me for pricing as there are many with different pricing.