1980’s: I was born on 22 June 1981 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and ever since I was a kid, computers, games, and technology have always been a part of my life. My first computer was a really crappy monochrome (green screen) IBM. I used it mostly for playing games and printing black and white mother’s day cards on one of those really quiet dot-matrix printers.

1990’s: While I was in high school in the mid 90’s I learned a lot about this new thing called The Internet. I started hanging out (and eventually working for) an Internet Café over the weekends. Mostly playing LAN games and chatting (aka IRC), but also learning about how this “internet thing” works.

2000’s: When I finished high school in 1999 my passion for computers landed me at a computer training company (where I had previously attended). I was thrown into the deep end, teacher courses I had finished just days before while writing exams on the courses I was busy teaching. Receiving my numerous qualifications in programmingnetworking, and web development, but it wasn’t until the tender age of 22 where I discovered my creative side with graphic design software such as Photoshop & 3D Studio Max (Which totally blew my mind and derailed my 4 years of studying programming & networking). I eventually started teaching graphic design, web design, and video editing at multiple computer training institutes until the age of 24. Using what I had learned, I then officially started freelancing my skills to businesses for the next couple of years.

2006: I was voted as Person of the year by TIME magazine.

2010: At 29, I landed in the South African film industry, doing a number of different jobs from creating and designing movie posters, proposals, presentations, video editing, and a number of all things digital related.

2012: I co-founded a company called MadRobot. Working on numerous films in the entertainment industry, from providing product placement & brand integration, as well as doing film editing, movie poster designs, website maintenance, proposals & marketing material.

2016: I became an Executive Producer for the film Eintlik Nogal Baie. I also designed all the marketing materials such as the movie poster, banners, etc.

2017: I co-founded a beard oil company called Baardman. I designed the logo, website, marketing material, and packaging. I left the company after a year to pursue my love for Graphic- and Web Design.

2018: Started Graphic Magic which specializes in numerous solutions for digital-related content.

2019: I started to get into the print industry, learning how manufacturing works as every printing shop has frustrated and disappointed me with quality and missed deadlines. This is why I bought machinery to supply my clients with T-shirts, Caps, Button Badges, Mugs, Vinyl Decals, etc to provide to my clients.

2020: I started a community/website called  Face Visor for anyone with a 3D printed or Laser cutter to help make PPE gear for hospitals and essential workers. COVID-19 affecting. I ended up on the news a couple of times which was pretty cool, but really proud that my community stepped up and helped so many people protect themselves from COVID-19. News Report

2021: At the end of Feb 2021 we launched the Graphic Magic Online Shop. Adding new products regularly.

When I’m not pushing pixels, I’m busy with…

Movies & TV Series

Everyone loves movies & TV series, but I consider myself a fanatic. I am a massive collector. From the first motion picture ever made in 1889 till the latest. I’ll watch anything…except if it’s a musical, I hate musicals.

My Top 20 Movies & Series


One of my favorite pastimes. There are just so many awesome Anime titles to watch the stories and artwork are almost always brilliant. If you live in South Africa your first Anime would have most likely been Heidi.

My Top 10 Anime Series & Movies


I pretty much game on everything, from PlayStation, Xbox, PC and iPhone. It’s the ultimate “escape” and I cannot wait to see where technology takes us in the future, which (hopefully before I die) will be indistinguishable from reality.

My Top 10 Games


I adore reading comics (especially from the iPad). Deadpool, Batman & Spider-Man have to go to be my favorite comics. Have been reading them for as long as I can remember and will continue to do so until the day I die.

My Top 10 Comics & Top 10 Books


If I wasn’t so into computers I would have either been a scientist or an astrophysicist. I love reading books or watching documentaries. My favourites which I have watched over and over again has to be Cosmos: A Space-Time Oddysee.

Technology & Gadgets

Whether it’s a new gadget or a new discovery made, I visit technology sites almost on a daily basis to see what the future holds, plus I always have to have the latest gadget or gizmo. Technology makes life so much better and simpler.


I would have loved to be an astrophysicist, but it “hooked” me too late in life, but whenever I find the time I like to read books about the universe and I love to talk for hours on end on the subject (fair warning – don’t get me started).


Pop-culture to me stretches from the latest to the very nostalgic, especially if your a child of the 80’s like me. Till this day I still enjoy watching those morning cartoons we used to watch before going off to school.

Puzzles & Brain Teasers

I really enjoy brain teasers. The satisfaction of figuring out an extremely hard puzzle does the mind good. It’s a great mental exercise for the brain and I still have all my brain puzzles my mom got me as a child. #ThanksMom


Did I mention I am an illusionist? I did it professionally for a while, but now I only do it at parties or gatherings. It’s a great icebreaker. I started to doing magic tricks like these since I was 4 (and my mom has the VHS tapes to prove it).


I’m a moderate collector of statues and figurines. My statues are a collection of my favourite characters from movies, games and comics. I also collect (and sometimes 3D Print) movie memorabilia or anything relating to geeky things.

3D Printing

3D Printing is an addictive hobby, the fact that you can print almost anything seems almost science fiction. I love printing gifts for friends and family and for display in my home. For more on my 3D printing have a look here.

My gaming profiles…

Add me on PSN: justinwiggins


Add me on Xbox: BatmansFork