Well, here it is. JustinWiggins.co.za is UP! It’s ironic that most Freelance web designers (well, the ones I know of) don’t have their own website. I think it’s because (if it’s not a business) they don’t really know what to say about themselves, because let’s face it, we’re designers…not writers. I’ve been a graphic- and web designer for years and I’ve never really needed a website, but every time I meet someone new I sometimes forget to mention something I could have done for them. Hopefully this website will sort out that problem and hopefully, I’ll receive more business out of it. I still have a lot to do and to add, but for now – It’s a start.

Also some other personal sites I am working on that you can keep an eye on.

GraphicMagic.co.za – For all you Design needs.

InkMagic.co.za – For all your Printing Needs.