One of my favourite toy franchises as a kid was the Masters of the Universe, and my favourite toys has to be the He-Man and Battle Cat figures. I reccomend you check out the show The Toys That Made Us – Ep 3.

I had since lost my MOTU Toys growing up. The toyline can still purchase those figurines in mint condition today on auction sites (for a  hefty price), but I was looking for something new, fresh and modern.

So I was pretty so stoked when I found a guy on Facebook that sold me a collection of 3D Models of MOTU to print, namely: Battle cat, He-ManSkelletor and She-Ra.

The head was easy to print. I printed it at 100 micorons since I wanted it to have the highest quality of the model. All the parts took just over 7 days to print …that’s right about 168 hours. (Yeah 3D Printing takes a lot of patience)

The only probel was the teeth, it was very thin, and removing the supports (Which there was a lot of) meant breaking 1 or 2 of the 4 long teeth. Lucklily I have a very talented girlfriend that used woodfiller,sanding paper and glue to make it perfect again. (FYI She also did the fine paintword such as the mouth,eyes and teeth)

8You can view the final print and paint below….


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Next up to print is He-Man and the base. This is what it’s going to look like. Really excited to get this done, stay tuned…